Sunday, February 21, 2016

The problem with File Explorer alternatives

There are a rash of people pointing out that when File Explorer copies/moves/deletes files, for some reason the dialog box can be found under windows instead of on top of them.

This has brought me to search anew for a replacement for File Explorer. I've realized that the main reason I stick with File Explorer is because of its plugin-type system for its context sensitive menus.

I came upon the article, QMMander – Cool Open Source Alternative to Windows Explorer, by Karl L. Gechlik. I find myself unsettled by these words:
"A person’s Explorer tells a lot about them. If you are using the built in Windows Explorer it shows that you do not like to tweak but if you are using something like this – it shows you think outside the box. That’s not just because I am a geek right?"
No, and for that paragraph you should turn in your "geek card", and perhaps any number of other cards you have lying around. If you are using the built in Windows Explorer, it most definitely does not show that you do not like to tweak, and failure to understand the power of File Explorer's context-sensitive menu plug-in system further undermines your credibility. I would have posted a message on that article's comment system, but as of this writing, it claims to have 17 comments that it simply refuses to show and lacks any indication of how to make a comment.

Just now I've looked around for a File Explorer alternative and I found sites where such alternatives are hosted rather barebones, and while some of them have their own plug-in systems, I haven't seen any that say they can use File Explorer's.

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